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Tutorial of Stealing WhatsApp Chat - POC

 WhatsApp is the renowned instant messaging service for smartphones. Facebook has acquired whatsapp in February, 2014; the acquisition and its impact on whatsapp is not the topic of our interest, but as an information security professional we should focus on to report the vulnerabilities and exploitation of whatsapp to facebook so that they can secure it. There is a famous saying that you can't secure unless and until you know the bug, its exploitation and the possible damage that the company might bear; so that the parent company will be interested to review your submission.
I was talking with some friends on linkedin about whatsapp security and the way that bad guys (hackers) are hacking and stealing whatsapp chats; one of my friend has shared the prove of concept. It is a tutorial that I want to share with you, written by Mohit Sahu (@mohitnitrr). I don't know him personal but he did a wonderful job and we appreciate his effort.

Long story short, here is what he wrote on the said story:
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