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Mobile Device Hacking

Mobile Device Hacking: Turning your phone, PDA or internet tablet into a pen-testing platform

As many of you know, I have a strong interest in using small pocketable devices as mobile pen-testing platforms. I started off with the Zaurus, but have since moved on to the Maemo (Nokia n810/770/n800) and Windows Mobile platforms. As such, I'm putting up this meta page with links to my mobile device hacking articles (with perhaps a few links to my friend's sites).

Hacking and Pen-Testing With The Nokia 770/800/810 Notes: Debian in your pocket anyone?

Zaurus Security Tools Page: No longer updated as I no longer have a working Zaurus.

Window Mobile/Pocket PC Pen-testing and Network tools for your phone or PDA: I'm going to be using an HTC Touch Pro, contact me if you know any good tools I can update this article with.

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