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Milw0rm y Inj3ct0r se fusionan en 1337db

Esta nota es algo vieja pero la publico por si algunos de nosotros estabamos algo perdidos del mundo de la seguridad :) y en nuestro tiempo solo usabamos milworm para nuestras andanzas.

Los proyectos Milw0rm e Inj3ct0r se han fusionado y trasladado a 1337db (1337 Exploit DataBase) un nuevo dominio que seguirá hospedando la magnífica base de datos de exploits.

Os dejo el aviso:

"The two projects merged into one. More secure and more powerful. We will not leave you. We will fight till the end. We are part of the underground. The team stays with you. Our new name 1337db (1337 Exploit DataBase) . We thank everyone who stayed with us. We will not let you down. We will work autonomously.

Rip Milw0rm? Bye Inj3ct0r? not die ... We switched to a higher level =]

Personal Thank: Sid3^effects, L0rd CrusAd3r, secuid0, indoushka, anT!-Tr0J4n, etc.. Thank you very much. You have made a great contribution to my 1337 life ;)

Fuente: hackplayers

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