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Performance Testing in the Cloud

This is my presentation on Performance Testing in the Cloud that Chris De Lorenzo and I delivered at the Iqnite Australia 2014 conference on October 16th. The slides from Chris on the state of performance testing at one of the world’s largest online betting companies were excellent. The original presentation can be downloaded from SlideShare.

Presentation abstract:

With an increasing number of applications being deployed in the cloud, this trend will soon touch performance testers within every organisation. This presentation will dispel the hype, tell you what you need to know to embrace this opportunity, and answer the following questions:
  • What are the challenges specifically related to performance testing cloud-based applications?
  • What are some common performance problems seen in cloud-based applications, and how can you test for them?
  • How will cloud-based load generators help your performance testing?
Don’t get left behind! A solid understanding of cloud concepts will be invaluable to your testing ca-


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